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We will arrange and assemble various production factors such as location and coordination from the mainland and overseas, archive offering, photos taking advantage of the features of Okinawa, and location planning of images.

English, Chinese speaker available.


We will carry out your overseas location that tends to be expensive as your aggressive staff during the term contract.

Depending on the work content, you can ask photographers to cheap local companies, negotiate in English and Chinese, so you can save a big budget.



Creative, clear, quality photos lead to big customers.

Review site photos are not easy to make personality for each shop, because they place importance on the overall appearance and balance of the site.

It has a reputation for photographs leading familiar lighting brightness of the place and serving that servicer's intention to guests who come to visit.

Continuation plans of shooting is reasonable, makes you easier to choice!



*Shooting your place, goods, dishes at your place


*Architectural photograph

*Shooting inside and outside of Airbnb properties and surroundings

*Continuous product shooting for online sales

*Hair makeup set, model shooting at studio

*Landscape photo at your desired location

*Drone shooting of  movie and photo

*Easy coverage accompanied by text submission

Inbound IT support

For registering you restaurant, store, properly information in Google appropriately, you could get big free advertising effect.


Creating a homepage using Jimdo that we also use.

You can create a homepage of the shop utilizing "Hajimete WEB" which can be used free for 1 year.


By maximizing use of these two, you could promote and appeal not only for visitors from domestic and overseas visitors but also for residents living nearby.

Case Study

*Support for registration to Google My Business, Google Map etc.

*Pointing menu that shows dishes in photo, this is multilingual and easy for foreign customers

*SNS update and maintenance of registered information


Location support service

All the staff are bilingual speaker or more.

Operation in English and Mandarin Chinese without additional fee is available.

Available to respond flexibly such as implementing one-man location of low budget.

*Location services in Okinawa in general
*Location suggestion, casting, equipment operation etc.
*Support creation of shooting plan and operation
*Overseas location with small number of people

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